Lack of Funds Creates Empty Prisons

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Los Angeles

Outside the Detention Center

A $74 million, five-story, 172,000-square-foot prison in Los Angeles remains completely vacant due to the lack of funds available. The Los Angeles Police Department is in a bit of an economic crisis with their budget and cannot seem to be able to employee the proper amount of guards to run the Metropolitan Detention Center.
What goes into a $74 million prison, you ask? The Los Angeles Times mentioned a few different technological advancements and architectural choices:

It’s wired with video cameras and has automated security doors and electronic fingerprinting stations. To better monitor inmates and cut down on overcrowding, the jail is divided into secure wings that are flooded with sunlight from skylights and kept cool by a centralized air conditioner. Sound-dampening panels even hang from the ceiling because studies show a quiet jail is a peaceful jail.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said that he never expected to see such a financial crisis. He was hoping tostart moving prisoners into this detention center as soon as possible but now with this budget freeze, the LAPD is forced to continue to fill there already crowded downtown jail.


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