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In New York City and other cities around the U.S. violence in schools has grown from being a rarity into a matter of public safety. From the Columbine massacre in 1999 to the shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007, violence in U.S. schools has perpetuated into problems with bullying, stabbings and other crime like behavior.

New York City has been one of the few cities to take action against unsafe environments for today’s youth. Speak Up NYC is a city wide awareness and educational initiative working with the New York City council. The organization was created to provide young people enrolled in schools with the tools needed to build a safe and comfortable academic setting.

Speak UP encourages students to not only stray away from violence in their own lives, but to report any threats made to them or others in their schools and communities. For students who fear for their safety or would rather remain anonymous have the opportunity to call a toll-free hotline to report any acts of violence witnessed.

Speak Up NYC is promoted through New York City’s Cornerstone programs. In these programs, students come together to discuss violence and crime prevention in their communities, both at school and home. The goal of Speak Up NYC is to empower young people to use their voices to prevent unsafe environments of academia. In a city where violence and crime appear in alley ways, on street corners and in school systems, programs like Speak UP are positive outlets for young people to get involved and feel apart of solving the problem of school violence.


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you know about Lindsay Lohan allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace. She was officially found guilty with a sentence of 120 days in prison by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner; which was a slap on the wrists compared to what she would have been sentence with felony grand theft. However, with an immediate appeal by Lohan’s attorney Shawn Holley, Lohan’s sentence was dropped even further to 300 hours of community service.


Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced four times to jail, but has only actually gone to jail once out of those four times. The one jail sentence she did serve ended up being less than half of her 90 day sentence; she remained in jail for only 14 days. She consistently violates her parole and shows no remorse within the courtroom, and yet she never seems to have to pay for her actions or receive some treatment to stop her criminal behavior.

To any teenager, the allure of Facebook stems from a desire for incessant social media interaction. However, recently in Washington DC, the detrimental nature of Facebook was seen in a new light.

“A 19-year-old Southeast D.C. man who posted a photograph of himself on the Facebook page of his burglary victim was sentenced to 44 months in prison,” DC police reported on Wednesday afternoon.

Downloaded from Facebook by Marc Fisher. (Downloaded from facebook)

“D.C. Superior Court judge Anthony C. Epstein sentenced Rodney Knight Jr. after he pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree burglary in February.

Police identified Knight as the robbery suspect weeks after Washington Post writer Marc Fisher detailed the robbery of his home in an article.”

Apparently the key break in the case occurred when Knight confidently posted a photo of himself and cash that he had taken from Fisher’s house, on Fisher’s son’s Facebook page.

“Prosecutors said Knight stole about $400 in cash, along with the coat and two laptop computers.

Knight was arrested on Jan. 2 after police observed him in an alley in the 2800 block of Dunbar St. SE clutching his waistband and running. The pistol was loaded with one round in the chamber and one in the magazine, according to court documents.”

However, despite the result of his arrest, the nature of his arrest was a result of a misuse of Facebook. This should serve to prove once again to the youth of the world – more than just your friends are on Facebook.


Last week, April 20th, a man suspected of a string of Philadelphia robberies was murdered. Though unarmed, the man was shot in the Upper Darby region after a confrontation with the police. Aikee Holloman, 23, was shot after hours prior allegedly stealing two vehicles and holding up five people at a location. In speaking about the standoff, which occured at an ATM, the Upper Darby superintendent of police, Michael J. Chitwood said “His day was filled with violence and robbery, and ended with his subsequent death”.

The account reads that after three attempts to get Holloman to show his hands, he was shot by Upper Darby Officers Dave Snyder and Randy Desrosiers. However, a report also finds that when confronted that Holloman dropped to the floor and attempted to crawl behind the courter, where he was later shot. Now the Delaware County has begun investigations, while Snyder remains on desk duty and Desrosiers remains on active duty.
See CBS take and reporting of the story for more information.

Northeast Washington DC man, James Paylor, pleads guilty to killing a Southwest Washington DC man, Darrell Sheppard in November of 2007.

Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz sentenced Paylor, 20, to 14 years in prison after he plead guilty for the murder of Shappard, 24. The charge was voluntary manslaughter while being armed.

Sheppard was shot when walking home from a store in the 1500 block of First Street in Southwest DC. A video of the shooting was captured by police surveillance cameras. Based on the videos, prosecutors can draw the conclusion that the shooting was due to robbery carried out by Paylor.

Video evidence really seems to be the ultimate way to prove some one is guilty.

Jails aren’t safe?

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Toronto, Uncategorized

The brand new 93 million dollar juvenile rehabilitation center is being reported by inmates as not as safe as it appears. The 192 bed facility that caters to troubled teenagers seems to have many more flaws within the gates then it appears to have . Many reports of officers abusing the inmates and severely beating are surfacing. Many of them report that the food they are being served is unsanitary and the nurses that work them disregard their safety as a whole. The Ontario Government is taking action in reshaping this correctional facility and ensuring that the safety regulations are met.–jail-for-youth-not-safe-report-says

A chinese student studying at York University in Toronto, Ontario was killed in her apartment while her boyfriend watched helpedlessly over webcame. Qian Liu, 23, was found Friday morning dead in her dormitory apartment. While video chatting with her boyfriend she answered a knock at the door and was brutally attacked.  “According to the paper, one of Liu’s roommates told reporters Liu had been stalked by a man whose romantic advances she had spurned”.